A periodical compliance check audit of any establishment or any employer is purposed to guarantee whether policies being followed by the establishment is approved of law and do not entail any penal action in future. Legum Lexicon expert auditors undertake the responsibility of studying all such documents from a legal view point for discovering any such irregularities or violations which tags penalties. Legum Lexicon expert auditors are carrying exposure of handling all such State Acts & Rules in addition to Central Acts and Rules and are well aware of each such provisions of the Act which an employer is supposed to adhere to be a compliant organization. Our objective is to instill the practices and habits of compliance within the Client’s personnel also and hence our simplified process of auditing indirectly helps our client’s personnel to equip themselves for coming days. With a spread across pan India location, Legum Lexicon’s routine interaction with Authorities adds premium to it in terms of regular updates on changes in Labour Laws which flows down to it’s client organization immediately.

Based on the nature of industry, we do categories and select applicable legislation for our clients in an instant manner Preparation of Audit Checklist basis the establishment requirement with a close comparison of the existing compliance process of the client to detect the discrepancies in law

  • Legum Lexicon done rigorous and quickest scientific study for assessment of compliance level with special emphasis to gray area to earmark compliance needs for an immediate healing touch and risk analysis with remedial measures
  • Upon findings of Audit, to devise a pragmatic Audit Report designed to depict a vivid picture of Compliance health and discrepancies, if any, with suggestion to mitigate thereofs.
  • Suggestion and clarification in understanding various interpretations of laws to give surety on compliance achievement thereby avoidance of liabilities towards non-compliance
  • Providing a comprehensive records of short-comings, obstacles and achievement on compliance health check-up through a well devised MIS

Positive aspects of Statutory Audit:

  • Inculcate a self-reliance in existing officials on companies’ compliance status
  • Management of third party vendor compliance through an effective control mechanism
  • Upliftment and upsurging of Labour & Employment law compliance mechanism
  • Signaling to peers and clients of the organization for a more dedicated and committed services built on precision standard of compliance
  • Preparation and drafting of Standing Orders based on the laid down provisions under the Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, 1946 through step-by-step processes and assisting in Certification for the same through prescribed Certifying Officer
  • Arrangement for obtaining permission for maintaining of Registers & Records through mechanical format from the Office of the concerned authority under all applicable legislations
  • Closure of Notices under Shops & Establishment Act, Factories Act & Rules and all other related Acts & Rules which applies to Shops or Establishments, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institution, Trusts, etc.
  • Conducting of Domestic Enquiry